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Cory Josack

International Yacht Broker



Cory was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Fl, like his father Cory has been boating since before he could walk which later became true for his three children. By age 11 Cory earned enough money to buy his own boat. Growing up he would go fishing diving or surfing any opportunity he got.

At age 18 he eagerly got his 100-ton masters license allowing him to fulfill his dream of captaining custom sportfish boats. After many years of excelling, gaining extensive knowledge of the industry Cory worked his way up to a 500-ton master, then in his early 20’s joined a mothership operation running
the 2nd largest boat in a fleet of 5 boats. overseeing new builds of tenders, managing all crew, orchestrating shipyard periods in addition to handling all engineering.

Cory would then graduate to Captain of the 120’ Motor Yacht Finish Line. Navigating the entire East coast of the U.S., Mediterranean, Caribbean and Mexico Spending a decade being part of such an incredible operation was a truly rewarding accomplishment.

Cory now lives in Dania beach Fl with his wife and 3 kids and currently own 4 boats of their own in addition to a partnership with his father in a commercial fishing business targeting mainly swordfish and shrimp.

Cory is known for his honesty and in-depth understanding of the yachting industry. He excels at meeting the unique needs of his clients through effective communication and a commitment to excellence.

Overall, Cory Josack reflects as a passionate and accomplished individual in the maritime industry, with a strong commitment to his family, business ventures, and his clients.

Experience At Your Side

Selling or purchasing a yacht demands professional expertise and extensive market knowledge. Cory Josack will work hand-in-hand with clients to guide and advise them on all aspects of the purchase process + will protect their interests every step of the way.



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